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“FOOD” – Is The Ultimate Fuel for Your Body

An average person can survive up to 3 Weeks without Food

Our body and brain require a steady supply of food and nutrients: without the body’s many systems will begin to deteriorate. The effects may include you feeling tired, weak, cognitive changes and ultimately organ failure.

Transform Your Health: Unleash the Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Energize Your Life: How the Right Food Choices Can Fuel Your Body

Optimize Performance: Food is Your Body’s Best Fuel

Unlock Vitality: Food is the Ultimate Source of Energy for Your Body

Healthy Living: Harness the Power of Food to Boost Your Well-being

When on an Adventure – I recommend freeze dried meals for your health, enjoyment and survival.

I have eaten freeze dried meals on many adventures and climates; including trekking to the North Pole , climbing Mountains and rowing the Atlantic; they are quick and easy to prepare, high in energy, carbohydrates, protein and other essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. 

“Tasty Fuel”, consumed whilst paddling from the Atlantic to the North Sea; traverse across the Scottish Highlands from Fort William to Inverness. 12.06.23

Firepot has a delicious selection of dehydrated meals: meat, gluten free and vegan meals….

They are an ideal Adventure fuel; lightweight, compact and all you require is boiling water and you can eat straight from the Compostable Pouch….

My Munchie Bag – The Polar Race 2009 Chapter 3 “Live a Life to Die For”

It’s a long day, during the walk/ski I would occasionally dip into the Munchies bag and treat myself.

After a delicious breakfast, we broke camp loaded our pulks and set off walk/ski. Our next hot meal would generally be 12 hours later.

We stopped every hour for 5 minutes to hydrate and drink from our flasks that’s when I really attacked the munchies bag.

All the contents were frozen together and you would break bits of the goody clump. Pop one in and it slowly thawed in your mouth

Every mouthful a surprise: example – mango followed by cheese, then salt walnut, or chew into Pepperoni maybe next frozen cube of vanilla Fudge; the eclectic mix caused wonder and havoc to your taste buds.

In the tents at night they were lots of bartering; Arabella is reputed to have swapped three wine gums for a single piece of fudge.

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