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Footwear is an important item on your kit list… Socks

The essential but often ‘overlooked’ Socks can make or break your adventure. A suitable pair of socks are a must have for any hiker, runner, climber or outdoor enthusiast.

Over many years and on many adventures, inc. Everest BC and Mt Kilimanjaro, I discovered that 1000 Mile Socks are so comfortable, durable and cool; they feel like I’m walking on a luxurious, deep pile carpet. Importantly they really help to protect my feet and prevent blisters so I truly enjoy my days on the trail.

In damp or wet conditions I need waterproof yet breathables socks – comfortable socks that offer me protection from the most demanding elements that keep me dry and warm  

My, not so secret, few basic Tips, for Healthy Feet       

· Check your feet regularly 
· Wash your feet every day, dry them well, especially between your toes
· Avoid dry & cracking by moisturising regularly
· Train in the socks you intend to wear…..
· Wear suitable socks and change them as often as possible – daily is more

· Trim your toenails; Lads, a pedicure is cool but a paint job is questionable!

*Consult with a podiatrist if you have any concerns; not just about an
injury or footwear but how your foot and ankle impacts the rest of the body.

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