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Boxers, Thongs or Briefs?

Boxer shorts are breathable, with plenty of ball room, but rather lacking in support, best for casual wear. Thongs, also known as ‘cheese cutters’, may look good on some, some of the time: they may look good on others all of the time, but they never look good on me at any time. Practically speaking, they are not designed to keep the ‘bad boy and his two chums’ properly tucked in. They mercilessly chafe and ruffle where they touch, or so I’ve been told.

I wore my lucky, merino wool, snug-fitting boxer briefs every day, for the whole of my 25-day polar plod. They always kept the crown jewels warm and (astonishingly) remained odour-free under demanding pressure. As a backup, I did carry a spare pair, just in case I had an incident with a polar bear or a particularly nasty follow-through!

I am a fan of the active –wear Crossfly Boxers Ikon X 6” that look and feel comfortable with a tailored fit that supports my junk without being restrictive. The easy access fly mechanism that is extremely practical when you’re out hiking, trekking or socialising….

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