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    Practical Tips for Extreme Trekking Training

    Whilst Extreme Trekking you can experience the awe-inspiring beauty and formidable dangers of Mother Nature. She is such a powerful force; from cold of the Arctic to the searing heat of the Desert; from the majestic Mountains and serene Forests to turbulent Storms, nature captivates and Challenges us. ‘Head to Toe Fitness’ is crucial for extreme trekking due to the demanding physical and mental challenges involved. Being well-prepared allows you to handle the rigorous demands, enhancing your safety, enjoyment, and overall experience. Mindset for Endurance and Extreme Adventures: One key ‘suggestion’ for all types of endurance adventures is to “take it slowly.” Set a comfortable and consistent pace. Remember, “Plodders…

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    Master the Waves: Your Ultimate Guide to Sea Kayaking

    Sea Kayaking is a challenging and potentially dangerous endeavour, requiring careful preparation and the right equipment. Among my experiences of sea/touring kayaking include paddling from Dungeness, UK to Boulogne, France both ways and the Great Glen Canoe Trail. Here is my basic kit list for such an adventure: Kayak and Paddles Sea Kayak: A high-quality sea kayak designed for open water, preferably one with a length of 14-18 feet, 22 to 24 inches wide, designed for stability and speed. Day Touring Kayak: An average size is of 12 to 14 feet long and 24 to 28 inches wide. Ideal qualities needed are “easy entry and all-day comfort”. Paddle: A strong…

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    Transform into a Fearless Adventurer: Your Ultimate Guide

    Devote yourself to the project not just for the sake of it or even solely for charity, but primarily because it resonates deeply with your own values and aspirations. There’s no time like the present! It’s never too late, and you don’t have to wait like I did. I embarked on my first real wild adventure by walking 650 km to the North Pole at the age of 62. To enhance your quest to become a seasoned adventurer, begin by embracing challenges that are both demanding, unusual and captivating. Engage in endeavors that ignite your passion and curiosity, something you deeply care about. Remember, the journey towards becoming a full-fledged…

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    Conquer the North Atlantic: a Monumental Rowing Adventure

    Rowing the North Atlantic is a monumental feat that requires incredible physical and mental endurance. The North Atlantic is known for its challenging weather patterns, strong currents, and unpredictable conditions, making it one of the most demanding bodies of water to cross. On 28th Jan 2016, approaching midnight – I was sitting in my rowing position on the “Toby Wallace”, a light-weight ocean rowing boat; ‘primed and ready for an attempt’ on a world record. Our challenge was to Row across the North Atlantic, setting off from Marina Puerto De Mogan Gran Canaria, 4815Km. / 2992 miles to Port St Charles Barbados faster than anyone before. I was musing !!!!    Rowing the Atlantic…

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    Running Bowline

    The Running Bowline knot stands out as a remarkably versatile and dependable knot. Crafted by looping a bowline around its own standing end, it manifests as a robust and adaptable noose. The Running Bowline knot’s strength, versatility, ease of tying, and security make it a valuable tool in numerous outdoor activities, including climbing, sailing, rescue operations, and more. Notably, its ability to slide smoothly allows for easy adjustment, while its simplicity enables quick untying when needed. The Running Bowline is a type of knot that forms a loop that will not slip or bind, and can be easily untied even after being loaded. Tying Guide Preceding the Running Bowline with a half…

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    Round Turn & Two Half Hitches

    The round turn and two half-hitches knot is exceptionally well-suited for scenarios requiring secure attachment of a line or rope to a fixed object. The initial round turn serves to distribute the load evenly and provides friction against the support, crucial for maintaining tension and preventing slippage. This foundational element allows for the effective tightening of the line. Subsequently, the two half-hitches further fortify the connection, offering additional security by firmly cinching the line in place. This dual half-hitch configuration ensures that the line remains taut and steadfastly anchored, making it an indispensable knot for various applications, particularly in securing mooring lines. Whether fastening a rope to a post, tree,…

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    Constrictor Knot

    The Constrictor Knot is a versatile knot with various applications and benefits. Here are some of its primary uses and benefits: Overall, the Constrictor Knot is a valuable knot to learn for anyone involved in activities such as camping, boating, fishing, hiking, or general DIY tasks, as it offers a secure and reliable way to fasten and bind objects together. #livealifetodiefor #marlowropes  #MoreThanMyPast #itsrogerx #official_psychi

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    Trucker’s Hitch

    The Trucker’s Hitch is a versatile knot often used in camping, sailing, and, as the name suggests, by truckers for securing cargo. Its primary purpose is to create a secure and tight line for securing loads or creating tension in a line. Tying Guide One of the primary uses of the Trucker’s Hitch is to secure cargo on trucks, trailers, or roof racks. It provides a tight and secure hold, preventing items from shifting or falling during transport. Campers and Hikers often use the Trucker’s Hitch to tension guy lines for tents or tarps. It allows for easy adjustment of tension, keeping the shelter taut and stable in windy conditions.…

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    Knut Friction Hitch

    Knut Friction Hitch, is a type of binding knot that is designed to grip an object tightly. The Knut Friction Hitch is primarily used for binding objects together, such as bundles of sticks or securing a rope to a pole or post. One of the key features of this knot is its ability to grip tightly around an object. The more tension applied, the tighter the knot becomes, making it suitable for situations where a secure hold is required. The Knut Friction Hitch is resistant to slipping, especially when under tension. This makes it reliable for securing loads or objects that need to be kept in place. While primarily used…

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    The Marlinspike Hitch offers a clever solution for securely attaching a rod, bar, or pole to a rope, effectively creating a dependable handle. Commonly used in sailing and other activities where a strong handle is needed. It’s often employed by sailors when they need to create a temporary handle for tasks like pulling lines under tension or securing a line while working on it. The Marlinspike Hitch offers numerous benefits: useful in outdoor activities, boating, camping, and general problem-solving scenarios. Tying Guide It provides a secure hold, preventing slippage even under tension, making it ideal for affixing rods or handles to ropes. The hitch allows for a secure grip and…