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Conquer the North Atlantic: a Monumental Rowing Adventure

Rowing the North Atlantic is a monumental feat that requires incredible physical and mental endurance.

The North Atlantic is known for its challenging weather patterns, strong currents, and unpredictable conditions, making it one of the most demanding bodies of water to cross.

On 28th Jan 2016, approaching midnight – I was sitting in my rowing position on the “Toby Wallace”, a light-weight ocean rowing boat; ‘primed and ready for an attempt’ on a world record.

Our challenge was to Row across the North Atlantic, setting off from Marina Puerto De Mogan Gran Canaria, 4815Km. / 2992 miles to Port St Charles Barbados faster than anyone before.

I was musing !!!!    Rowing the Atlantic seemed a good idea at the time.

On reflection !!!!    However the reality, as with much of life, it’s not all it seems.

Ocean Rowers will row for 12 hour in every 24 hours; 2 hours on and off for two hour.

However, our skipper Simon Chalk had established a new system; every day for the next 34+ days on the Atlantic; each 24 hours we rowed 12 hours in 1 x 4 hr : 1 x 3 hr : 2 x 2 hr :  1 x 1 hr sessions or in nautical terms ‘watches’.

Ocean rowing is physically demanding, what may surprise some, ‘including me‘, is that the challenge is 70% mental and 30% physical.

To help prevent injury or exhaustion, it is essential to start with a solid base level of fitness. Therefore, a well-structured training plan and dedicated time for preparation are crucial before embarking on your crossing. Time on the ergo and time on the water is essential.

On the positive side, we were allotted a refreshing three-minute break every hour to hydrate, indulge in snacks, and attend to personal needs, (inc…wee & poo) all conveniently managed at our seats.

An exhilarating yet humbling experience that reminds me of my insignificance in the vastness of the world.

**I want to tell you more about my extraordinary journey.

Crew Profiles for the “TOBY WALLACE” January 2016

Tracking Toby Wallace

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