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    Outdoor Cooking Set for Your Next Adventure

    Your Compact Companion for Wild Camping, Backpacking and Travelers who need to pack urgently, this all-in-one cooking set ensures you have everything you need to get some grub cooking! The complete cooking set is simple to use and packs down compactly, elevating your outdoor experience. Meticulously crafted for adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and anyone captivated by the allure of the great outdoors, this set is designed to complement the spirit of exploration. Whether you’re trekking through rugged terrain or unwinding at a picturesque campsite, this versatile kit is your steadfast companion. Boiling water or conjuring a satisfying meal becomes a swift affair with the all-inclusive tools and gear provided. Ready to…

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    The Beanie

    The timeless Beanie, a marvel of practicality, holds an esteemed place in our society, with its worth never in doubt and stands as your ultimate savior – that’s both stylish and functional. A beanie served as our trusted shield on the chilliest of days. Nestled within our two-person tent, deep within my sleeping bag, enduring Arctic temperatures as low as -35°C, my merino wool beanie kept my skull warm. I fondly remember the comfort it provided when I slipped on a beanie to protect my “Chemo Curl.” On those “bad hair” days or when I simply craved an ultra-chic look, the beanie was my go-to accessory.In fact, finding a moment…

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    Polar Bear Paw print & My Gloved Hand (Arctic 2009) Gloves act as a barrier between your hands and the elements, protecting them from water, mud, sand, wind and also the Cold….. They provide comfort by preventing blisters, chafing, and irritation that might occur from direct contact with rough surfaces during activities. Safeguards your hands from abrasions and cuts that might occur during outdoor activities; hiking, climbing, sailing, rowing or biking – and can spoil not jut a the day but an adventure. Different types of gloves offer insulation against cold and heat, ensuring your hands stay at a comfortable temperature.  Some come with textured surfaces or materials that improve…

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    Sleeping Bag Silk Liner

    A Sleeping bag Liner offers versatile comfort, providing cooling relief in hot climates and essential warmth in colder environments: ‘creating happiness and fulfillment’. “A silk liner offers exceptional qualities: it’s lightweight, compact, and highly breathable, making it adaptable for year-round use when paired with the right sleeping bag. While it doesn’t significantly enhance warmth, its versatility shines on humid, balmy nights.” A silk liner can stand alone when a summer-weight bag feels excessive, offering that essential layer for comfort and adaptability.” Why Silk? It is a natural fibre giving great warmth for weight one of the lightest natural fibres; adds 2°C of warmth to your sleeping bag. It’s breathable, quick-drying…

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    Fixed Blade Knife

    The fixed-blade knife is always  ready to use; making them ideal for combat or survival situations.          An essential tool for carrying out tasks such as hunting,  skinning, shelter building, fire building/lighting, whittling, rope work and wilderness skills The fixed blades / full-tang are robust, reliable and easy to maintain; they need to be when used on tough camping / woodsman tasks. On your belt, ready to hand in a survival situation. Bushcraft knives tend to be around 3-5 inches in length and better suited for delicate tasks like making traps or skinning small game. My preferred is The Scout knife  it’s designed to be your all…

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    Outdoor Lunch Boxes

    For the more serious outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, climbing or walking in the Wilderness ; Meal Prep Sets have been designed specifically to be robust and multi functional; Ideal for meal prepping, food storage and eating on-the-go. On a long day, during my 650 km trek to the North Pole , I would occasionally dip into my lunch box and treat myself. We stopped every hour for five minutes to drink from our flasks, and that’s when I really attacked the munchies. All the contents had frozen together, you would break a bite-size piece off the goody clump. Pop one in and it slowly thawed in your mouth.…

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    Keep your Outdoor Gear Safe, Dry & Organised.

    In the world of outdoor adventures, gear protection is paramount. Keeping your essentials dry and safeguarding your valuables is not just a convenience, but a necessity. Here’s how these items can enhance gear protection: with Dry Bags, Stuff Sacks, and Ziplocs Dry Bags: When you’re out in the wild, you need reliable protection from the elements, and that’s where dry bags come in. Crafted from highly durable waterproof materials, these bags are your trusted companions for extreme activities. Whether you’re trekking through rugged terrain, navigating waterways, or braving the elements in snowy landscapes, dry bags are your shield. They are equally indispensable for activities like kayaking, boating, and swimming. With…

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    Neck & Face Protection against the Elements

    Buff ; a ‘fabric tube’ and they have many different intended ways to keep your neck, face and head warm, dry and protected from the sun. Snood / neck gaiter/cowl; is a lightweight hybrid of ‘scarf & hood’; protecting your face, head and neck against the sun and wind. Bandana; is an efficient way to protect you from the sun & wind, often worn as a skull cap or usually as a headband.  Call it a buff, a snood or a magic scarf; the ‘Wuffler‘ is the ultimate multifunctional headwear for the Adventurous….. It will keep you warm during the cold winter days and breathable; protecting you from the sun and in the heat  quick…

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    Eco Water Bottle

    Water Bottle made from plants During outdoor activities such as a day’s hiking, camping or enjoying a music festival’ the importance of remaining hydrated cannot be overestimated.   The lightweight ”S’wheat bottles’ , are convenience on the go! Providing safe water in all situations and are easy to keep clean Suitable for tea, coffee and soup and the all round favourite – ‘Water’…  #MoreThanMyPast #itsrogerx

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    Water & Hydration Bladder System

    A backpack/rucksack with a Hydration Bladder System is a fantastic choice for outdoor activities such as when hiking, camping, or even on long walks. The hydration bladder, usually positioned inside the backpack, allows you to sip water through a tube without having to stop and open a water bottle; convenient and efficient giving you constant access to enjoy a drink hands free. Ideal choice while you are trekking in the mountains, scrambling over dunes and for runners. Plus, it’s a lifesaver in hot weather—enabling you to enjoy a steady flow of refreshing sips, shielding your water from the sun, and outperforming traditional water bottles with its generous capacity. Stay hydrated…