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Outdoor Lunch Boxes

For the more serious outdoor activities such as trekking, kayaking, climbing or walking in the Wilderness ; Meal Prep Sets have been designed specifically to be robust and multi functional; Ideal for meal prepping, food storage and eating on-the-go.

On a long day, during my 650 km trek to the North Pole , I would occasionally dip into my lunch box and treat myself. We stopped every hour for five minutes to drink from our flasks, and that’s when I really attacked the munchies. All the contents had frozen together, you would break a bite-size piece off the goody clump. Pop one in and it slowly thawed in your mouth. Every mouthful was a surprise: (“Live a Life to Die For” Chapter 22)

These steel food boxes are 100% leak proof and airtight give you peace of mind and keep your food fresher for longer; and the lid being semi-transparent so you can see your meals clearly

They can be use for your packed lunches – picnics, school, work, music festivals or raves. Plus microwave, dishwasher, freezer, oven – safe and conveniently stackable!

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