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Rescue Throw Bag / Throw line

If someone falls overboard, a rescue throw bag or throw line provides an easily accessible lifeline for them to grab onto and be pulled back to the boat. This would have been an ideal lifesaver when we tragically lost Mike Johnson while rowing across the Atlantic.

Whether you’re a seasoned water sports enthusiast or a beginner, this indispensable piece of gear is a must-have for anyone engaging in water-related activities.

It serves as a lifeline, allowing rescuers to quickly and accurately deploy a buoyant rope to someone in distress, whether they’re caught in a current, stranded in the water, or struggling to stay afloat. Especially in situations where swift currents or other hazards pose a risk.

Your throw bag / line is an essential tool used in water rescue situations. It’s a bag usually made of durable, waterproof material, containing a length of rope or floating line. The concept involves swiftly tossing a Rescue Bag to someone in water distress, providing them a lifeline to grip onto and enabling a safe pull to shore.

These bags often have a weighted end to help throw them accurately and a floating rope to ensure it stays on the surface of the water for easy retrieval.

It’s a crucial companion for both seasoned rescuers and water enthusiasts—be it kayakers, canoeists, rafters, or even those diving into the world of open water swimming, as a means to assist someone who might be struggling in the water.

This indispensable piece of equipment holds the power to transform a dire situation into a tale of survival, making each adventure a safer and more confident experience.

  • Throwbag / Throwline, is a rescue device with a length of rope stuffed loosely into a bag so it can pay out through the top when the bag is thrown.
  • Attract the casualty’s attention, only then throw the Throwbag.
  • Aim to get the line to land across their body, while keeping a firm hold of the tail end of the rope.
  • Maintain your ‘throwline; by cleaning and coiling it at the end of the day to avoid kinks and snags, this will ensure smooth running when in use.
  • The Reach and Rescue Throwbag has a large opening for the easy and swift repacking if a second throw is needed or there is more than one casualty.
  • Select a throw bag that matches your needs.

Training in using a rescue throw bag is crucial, as accuracy and timing are essential for a successful rescue. Practicing with the throw bag helps individuals develop the necessary skills to deploy it effectively in emergency situations.

Floating Line

A floating line used as a trailing line behind a rowboat can serve several purposes, including safety, towing, and convenience. It can help if the safety boat from drifts too far from a swimmer.

If someone falls overboard, a floating line makes it easier for them to grab onto something and be pulled back to the boat.

My proven choice for rescue throw lines is either the 8 Plait Marstron or ; it’s light weight and high visibility floating line. It does not absorb water, remaining flexible, soft and easily handled.

It can also act as a ‘GrabLine’

A Grabline is similar to a rescue throw bag, is a safety device used in water rescue situations. It’s a length of rope or line, often with loops or handles attached at intervals, allowing a person in the water to hold onto it easily. Grablines are commonly found on boats, docks, or near bodies of water as a safety measure in case someone falls in or needs assistance.

The purpose of a grabline is to provide a quick and easily reachable aid for someone in distress in the water. By grabbing onto the line, they can either be pulled to safety or maintain a secure hold while awaiting further assistance. These lines are usually brightly colored and made of materials that float, making them highly visible and accessible in emergency situations.

Having grablines readily available can significantly enhance the chances of a successful water rescue, especially in situations where immediate assistance is needed. Training in their proper use and maintenance is important for those responsible for their deployment and for individuals who may need to use them in an emergency.

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