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Survival Gear Check List

Survival Gear is invaluable for any emergency situation.

Hydration: Water…water purification system & tablets

Nutrition: Food….freeze dried meals that are lightweight, nutritious and easy to prepare

Survival Knife….+ Multi-Tool

Layerable clothing that will help you adjust to different temperature & weather conditions

Jacket, hat, sunglasses, gloves, raincoat/shell & thermals….

Shelter; tarp, tent, space blanket….

Personalized First Aid Kit; that contains items specific to your needs and medical conditions

Navigation; map, compass & GPS (mobile phone)….

Headlamp, flashlight, signalling device, whistle….

Repair kit; duct tape, cordage, paracord bracelet, spare batteries….

Fire Starter; striker, matches, lighter….

Survival Backpack/Rucksack – durable, comfortable and roomy enough to carry ‘all’ your gear (40L to 65L)

Sleeping Bag & / or Silk Sleeping Bag liner

Sleep Bag Tog Room Temperature

3.5 Tog Designed for winter months and cold rooms below 14°C / 57°F

2.5 Tog Designed for year-round use and room temperatures between 14-20°C / 57°F-68°

F1.0 Tog Designed for warm summer months and room temperatures between 20-24°C / 57°F-75°F

A sense of Humour!

An average person can survive up to….

3 Weeks without Food

3 Days without Water

3 Hours outside of the body’s core temperature

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