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Kayaking the Great Glen Canoe Trail

The Great Glen Way gives the adventurous a unique opportunity to paddle from the Atlantic to the North Sea; traverse across the Scottish Highlands from Fort William to Inverness.

Myself and four friends took on the multi-day challenge……in single Kayaks.

 I’m so proud of my team – we nailed it ! 12th June – 16th June 2023

Mark ‘Ackers’ Ackred  :  Clay Smith  :  Rob Callaway  : Roger Davies : Jon Ingarfield

An early morning start on Loch Oich.

In the late afternoon we had “Lightning”….

It’s recommended to get ashore and away from the water asap. I agreed, because water will transmit lightning strikes from further away, so the quicker you can get off the water the better; leave your paddles and kayaks or canoes safely on the shore – We set up camp and had a brew.

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I want to tell you more about my extraordinary journey