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Water & Hydration Bladder System

A backpack/rucksack with a Hydration Bladder System is a fantastic choice for outdoor activities such as when hiking, camping, or even on long walks.

The hydration bladder, usually positioned inside the backpack, allows you to sip water through a tube without having to stop and open a water bottle; convenient and efficient giving you constant access to enjoy a drink hands free.

Ideal choice while you are trekking in the mountains, scrambling over dunes and for runners.

Plus, it’s a lifesaver in hot weather—enabling you to enjoy a steady flow of refreshing sips, shielding your water from the sun, and outperforming traditional water bottles with its generous capacity. Stay hydrated and keep trekking without missing a beat!

When selecting one, consider factors like size, capacity, comfort, and durability to suit your needs and the activities you plan to undertake.

The lightweight, low profile  OMM Ultra Bladder 3 Litres, has a Bite-Valve, it’s easy to open and spill free with quick release tubes making it an ideal for the outdoor enthusiast.

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