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Moving Mountains changes lives; Rescue Center for Street Kids & Feeding Program

In many Towns our main priority is the high number of ‘street’ children; to address this serious problem we have created Rescue Centers that ‘each’ provides roughly 200 hot and substantial meals every day for the kids.

We do not discriminate between street kids and those attending school who suffer from extreme poverty.

In a high number of cases children from poor families, who are attending school, will have had no evening meal and had no breakfast; being constantly hungry seriously limits concentration and the ability to learn.

In addition, at the Rescue Centers, we provide free educational classes, toilets and washing facilities.

Most importantly of all a “safe and welcoming environment” where the kids get encouragement, support and medical help.

Mama Lillian is the cook and mother to all at the center I have been assisting. She insists all attending enjoy a plate of her Maize and Beans. I tend to leave a vapour trail on my 4km walk back to camp.

Roger handing out meals to the many Street Children
Roger handing out meals to the many Street Children
Queues for hot meals to 200 in poverty on the streets
Queues for hot meals to 200 in poverty on the streets

Through the program the kids, with our support have established Dancer Clubs and the acclaimed Embu County Orchestra, which has toured all over Kenya and won National awards!

Not all Kids are academic; so a number of our ex street kids are assisted by us to train in vocational fields, occupations including mechanics, electrician, tailors/dressmakers and various building trades.

We have assisted/sponsored kids, who have grown and proved successful in our program, in the setting up, manage and developing of their own small businesses.

Business include Car wash, Buda Buda, Market Trading and Brick making.

This gives them an income, independence, self esteem and a future.

I am very proud and humbled that the majority of our Kenyan staff and Board Members came through our program!!!

Having lead an ‘interesting’ life in my youth, I learned through a fellowship and sponsorship, that much can be achieved if you at take small positive steps, a day at a time. For me, it is a privilege to see these street kids proves that to be soooo right! #livealifetodiefor #MoreThanMyPast #itsrogerx