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Football & Black Cats

Football is being used as a powerful tool; changing lives for the better

We launched the hugely successful ‘Black Cats’ Sports Program; which initially used Football to attract street children, boys and girls from the rural and slum communities.

When the kids are playing and training, they are distracted away from the dangers and pitfalls that goes with living on the street; this includes crime, glue sniffing, drugs, prostitution and alcohol abuse.

The charity provide kits including boots: also importantly football Coaches to supervise, support and encourage.

Once trust is established we have been very successful in introducing the street kids to the benefits of Education.

They are assisted in returning to local schools. In many cases where need and commitment is shown, they are sponsored by us.

Life for the Street Kids takes on a new meaning.

For me and all the many other volunteers to see loneliness and isolation vanish, to be gradually replaced by friendships and team spirit it is a deep and meaningful experience.

I confess to be a materially driven and a little macho; so when I was told that it is through helping others that the greatest reward are to be found > I suggested they should get out more!

Now being in a position to offer, in a small way, ‘real’ useful and effective assistance to others I swallow my pride and eat my words! #livealifetodiefor #MoreThanMyPast #itsrogerx