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Tallinding Project Successes

The Tallinding Project started when John and Christine Carter got involved with the building of a small Nursery School in the area known as Tallinding.

Since, it’s grown to help even more children from every age group. Their aim moving forward is to give every child, no matter how needy, access to quality education.

They have a number of success stories among our boys and girls; many are starting school for the first time and others are returning. There are those who have been on the program and are progressing to secondary, plus there are those who did exceptionally well and are now at University.

Some kids have returning to their families, others have establishing their own homes.

In Tallinding, there are many families who cannot afford even the modest school fees. So, to help, we’ve set up a sponsorship scheme where individuals can support a child to their schooling with uniform and books. It costs only £12.50 or €15 per month to send a child to school. This pays for school fees, books, uniforms, and lunches. Many of our sponsored children are orphans or from single parent families so your support is essential.

The President of Gambia, Adama Barrow with John Carter founder of the Tallinding Project School

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