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Sleeping Bag

A Sleeping Bag is your must-have when ‘Sleeping under the Stars’.

An average person can survive up to 3 Hours outside of the body’s core temperature**

Choosing the right sleeping bag is like picking the perfect companion for your adventures. With a plethora of styles, sizes, and features available, it becomes a deeply personal decision tailored to your preferences and needs.

There’s a diverse range of options, from singles to doubles, square-shaped to snug mummy designs, each crafted to cater to specific requirements. Some boast water-resistant materials, others feature antibacterial fabrics, and a few even come equipped with built-in mosquito nets, offering not just comfort but also protection.

From camping under the stars to luxurious glamping, from navigating the Arctic’s chill to basking in tropical warmth, or even enjoying festivals and adventurous wilderness trips, the variety in sleeping bags ensures there’s a perfect match for every scenario.

My own experiences have taught me that the versatility in sleeping bag selection empowers you to curate the ideal sleeping setup, allowing for a restful night’s sleep no matter the environment or activity.

Sleeping Bag Tog – (helps you select the most suitable for your next adventure!)

3.5 Tog Suitable for winter months and cold rooms below 14°C / 57°F

2.5 Tog Suitable for year-round use and room temperatures between 14-20°C / 57°F-68°

1.0 Tog Suitable for warm summer months and room temperatures between 20-24°C / 57°F-75°F

0.5 Tog Suitable for room temperatures above 24 degrees (no padding)

Durability for peace of mind and and coziness for a good nights sleep

Sleeping bag plus Silk Liner will help to keep you warmer in ‘cold’ climates; in hot climates your silk liner can be used on its own.

.To keep warm at night, when camping, have a layer underneath not just on top; with air/self-inflating or thick foam mats.

Your sleeping bag provides warmth by insulating your body’s heat from outside temperatures; creating optimum warmth and comfort during your time camping, glamping, trekking or hardcore Wilderness event

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