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Fire Starter Kit

Camping, trekking or in a survival situation FIRE can be the difference between life and death….

Fire is essential for keeping warm, cooking food, for boiling water, drying equipment and clothing.

There are more than one way of lighting a fire — fire starter kits, firelight sticks, water proof matches lighter, fire striker; it’s always better to carry more than one method of igniting a fire,

The best DIY Fire Starter is a cotton ball impregnated with petroleum jelly (Vaseline); it makes an outstanding Safe, Lightweight Fire Lighter; a practical addition in your Survival Kit


  • Cotton Wool Balls
  • Tub of petroleum jelly
  • Ziplock bag / Grip seal bag

How to make a ‘Cotton Ball’ Fire Lighter

  • Open your ziplock bag
  • Spoon in your petroleum jelly
  • Add some cotton balls
  • Zip and seal bag
  • Gently squish and kneading the jelly into the cotton balls
  • Don’t saturate the balls, you need dry cotton fibres

Petroleum jelly in its normal solid state is ‘Not’ flammable but Cotton fibres are.

The combination works on the same principle as a candle –you ignite the dry fibres of the cotton and the heat of the flame melts the jelly – vaporizing  the liquid jelly/wax where it combusts

How it works

Lay out your saturated cotton balls

Pull open a cotton ball to expose dry cotton fibres

Use a spark / flame to ignite the cotton

Heat of the burning cotton will melt the jelly

The melting jelly will give off flammable vapors / gas.

**It’s the ‘GAS’ that Burns!!!

What’s so handy out in the wilderness is that petroleum jelly is oil-based; the petroleum jelly cotton balls are waterproof…

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