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International Emergency Signals

If you can be Heard, you can be Found and Rescued.

The resonance of a whistle travels significantly farther than that of a human voice, requiring far less exertion compared to shouting.

If you find yourself involved in and/or witnessing an outdoor emergency and need to summon help, there is an established international distress.

  • The ‘S.O.S. ‘ Emergency sound signal is three prolonged whistle blasts—then three short blasts—then three prolonged blasts—then pause and repeat.
  • Blowing a whistle 3 times, wait 30 seconds, and repeat is the internationally distress signal.
  • One blast – Where are you?
  • Two blasts –   Used to signal a halt during a sound and light search.
  • 4 short blasts – Rally , come here & come together
  • Five blasts –   Danger signal (usually shipping)

Blast for help, loudly and hold for approx. 3 seconds. I can personally confirm the Acme Survival Whistle can be heard as far as a mile away. 

Shatterproof plastic, discordant note, attention grabbing, loud and easy to blow. The world’s first life saving whistle developed in 1949. Offers great ease of blowing – lots of sound for almost no effort. Important in survival situations.

Carry your whistle on a lanyard so you don’t lose it.

Avoid using whistle signals in the absence of a genuine emergency; it can cause confusion, other people may assume that you are having one.

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