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The Pulk

The Pulk is a Nordic short, low-slung small sled used in frozen Arctic conditions for transporting all your gear.

When we set off from Resolute,on Resolute Bay, (74° 43’ N and 94° 53’ W), in the territory of Nunavut, Canada, to walk/ski for 648 km (403 miles), pulling our food and equipment on an Aiguille pulk, bound for the Magnetic North Pole. My body harness was attached by rope and bungee cord to a heavy load with no braking system, the pulk was remarkably stable whilst being manhandled over sea ice rubble!

The Aiguille Expedition Pulks are a simple and bombproof, with easily adaptable hauling systems and has a load carrying capability of up to 100 kg ; designed to perform to below -35 degrees C.

For 12-hour each day I leaning into my harness in order to drag my pulk loaded with its precious cargo northwards over some of the most difficult terrain on our planet, crossing the frozen polar waste, over pressure ridges, through huge mounds of ice rubble.

At 8.47 p.m. on 29 April 2009, and we had arrived at the Magnetic North Pole, 78° 35’ 724” N, 104° 11’ 915” W. We had covered the last 16.8 miles in 13.5 hours.

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