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Rugby on Everest 2019


In April 2019 we trekked in the footsteps of Mallory and Irvine, up the Magic Highway’ to Mt Everest’s Advance Base Camp (ABC3) 6,500m/ 21,000 feet; which is just below the North Col to play two games of Rugby on a glacier.

Myself and Lesley, trekked and played alongside, Rugby stars Lee Mears, Ollie Phillips, Shane Williams, Tamara Taylor plus 20 inspirational men and women to help raise more than £250,000 for children with disabilities and facing disadvantage across the UK and Ireland.

The Rugby Challenge took place across 24 days; our group battled acclimatisation and altitude to play the World Record for highest ever game  of mixed seven-a-side ‘Touch Rugby’ at Everest Base Camp @ 12.15 pm on Thursday 25th April; our birthday Girl, Lesley, kicks off at 5,119 meters  (16795 ft) above sea level.

On 30th April 2019, after a long and tough hike, wearing crampons from Mount Everest Advance Base Camp 3, Tibet, China  to a ‘field’ of ice and snow. Under the supervision of Rob “head grounds man” Callaway, and in accordance, with Guinness World Record specifications, we construct a full size Rugby pitch (100m x 70m min), with posts, lines, flags etc. on the East Ronbuk Glacier  (EABC) (28°06’4.32″ N 86°51’32.91″ E).

The Highest full contact Seven-a-Side Rugby Union match, was played at altitude of 6,331m (20,770 ft),

We made History:           Double World Record Holders.  #RugbyonEverest  #LiveaLifetoDieFor

I want to tell you more about my extraordinary journey.

The Team posing on the pitch at Everest Base Camp, Tibet , China  (28°8′29″N 86°51′5″E).

Shane Williams, Roger D and  Mt Everest

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