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Healthy Feet

Healthy feet are the essential foundation for an active life : “Living life to the fullest”.

  • Check your feet regularly 
  • Wash your feet every day
  • Dry them well, especially between your toes
  • Avoid dry & cracking by moisturising regularly
  • Wear the correct footwear for the event / adventure
  • Double check your shoes are the right size
  • Train in the shoes & socks you intend to wear
  • Change socks as often as possible – daily is more sociable 
  • Rotate your footwear; trainers or camp shoes after a day’s trekking
  • Roll-a-ball under your feet; it relaxes tight muscles & ligaments.
  • Trim your toenails; Lads, a pedicure is cool but a paint job is questionable!

  *Consult with a podiatrist if you have any concerns; not just your about an injury or footwear but how your foot and ankle impacts the rest of the body.

I am blessed with finding a first class podiatrist, Martin Parry, who represented the Royal Navy and Royal Marines in Triathlons. In addition to his finding the solution to your Foot and Ankle problem; he understands how we, who enjoy challenges, think and react……                      

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