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Trail Etiquette

My, not so secret tips on Tent Etiquette

  • Keep the inside your tent clean and tidy, OCD works!
  • Take your shoes/boots off before you get in the tent
  • Change your socks daily
  • Respecting personal space and quiet times
  • Establish a routine to share tent tasks
  • Personal hygiene; breathe, pits and private bits!!!
  • Weakest bladder nearest the door/flap

My, not so secret tips on the Trail Etiquette

  • Leave No trace, only footprints
  • Be prepared to share
  • Make an effort to be friendly and talk to everybody
  • Dispose of all trash properly
  • If nature calls – leave the trail & bury
  • Paper, grass or leaves for hygiene

What to bring when hiking – a smile and a kind word!

My, ‘not so’ secret Toilet tips in the Cold

  • Boys – Pee with the wind at your back!
  • Girls – Pee facing the wind!
  • All poo facing the wind!
  • If using a bucket, when you’ve finished, give it a couple of firm taps with your foot to let the poo come to rest; this will prevent a frozen stalagmite of poo from forming. 

*You, nor your colleagues, want a frozen surprise on the next visit…

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