Essential Rope Knots,  Utility

Zeppelin Bend

Zeppelin bend, also known as the Rosendahl bend, is used to join two ropes or cords together end-to-end. It’s comprised of two symmetrical overhand knots that join together. This kind of bungee cord knot can be used to create a loop of bungee cord (like a large rubber band) or tie together a rope and a bungee cord.

Tying Guide

Start with two overhand loops next to each other – they should look like a 6 and a 9.

Slide the loop with the end of the cord facing down (9) underneath the other loop (6). You should have one working end of rope on the top and one on the bottom.

Take the top working end of the bungee cord and pull through both loops from underneath.

Now take the other bungee cord and bring its working end through both loops from the top.

You should have two interwoven half-hitches.

Pull the knot tight. If done correctly, both working ends will be sticking straight out from the knot.

The zeppelin bend is very stable and resistant to the risk of jamming

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