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Grinner / Uni Knot : Is a Multi-Purpose Fishing Knot

The Grinner / Uni knot is a multi-purpose fishing knot; as an avid fly fisher, its my personal favourite.

Commonly used to tie a fishing line to a hook, swivel or lure.

It is known for its strength and ability to hold well under heavy pressure. It ‘s relatively easy to tie and is considered to be a good choice for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

  1. Tying Hooks and Lures: The Grinner/Uni knot is commonly used for attaching hooks, lures, or swivels to the fishing line. Its strength and reliability make it suitable for various fishing situations, including both freshwater and saltwater fishing.
  2. Connecting Lines: It can be used to join two fishing lines together, whether it’s connecting a leader to the main line or joining two pieces of fishing line for added length.
  3. Versatility: The Grinner knot works well with both monofilament and braided fishing lines, making it a versatile choice for anglers using different types of lines.
  4. Strength: When tied correctly, the Grinner knot maintains a high percentage of the line’s original strength, which is crucial when targeting large or strong fish species.
  5. Easy to Tie: One of the key benefits of the Grinner/Uni knot is its simplicity. It can be quickly and easily tied even by beginners with minimal practice.
  6. Slim Profile: The knot has a relatively slim profile, which allows it to pass through rod guides smoothly without snagging or causing excessive friction.
  7. Reliability: The Grinner knot is known for its reliability. Once properly tied and cinched down, it tends to hold up well under pressure, reducing the chances of line failure during a fight with a fish.
  8. Minimal Waste: Unlike some other knots that require a longer tag end, the Grinner knot typically requires less line to tie, reducing waste and conserving fishing line.

Overall, the Grinner/Uni knot is a versatile and dependable fishing knot that offers anglers strength, ease of tying, and reliability in various fishing situations.

How to tie a Grinner

  1. Hold the hook or lure in one hand and the fishing line in the other.
  2. Thread the gut / line through the hooks’ eye, once or twice (optional).
  3. With the tag end make a loop by returning the tag end back over the mainline.
  4. Pass the tag end around the mainline and through the loop 5 or 6 times
  5. Bring the tag end of the line back through the loop parallel with the mainline.
  6. Lubricate the knot by wetting it with saliva or water; pull both end to tighten
  7. Hold the hook / lure and pull the end of the main line to slide the knot gently to the hooks eye
  8. Make sure to pull slowly and evenly to ensure the knot tightens correctly.
  9. Trim the excess line.

It is recommended to practice the knot before using it on the water, as well as checking the knot’s strength before casting your line.

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