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Good Pain or Bad Pain ?

Pain is a complex sensation; it’s our body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. There’s a difference between good pain and bad pain. “Good pain” might refer to the discomfort you feel during exercise or physical therapy that indicates you’re pushing your limits in a healthy way. It can lead to growth, strength, or healing. On the other hand, “bad pain” often signals injury or harm and requires attention or intervention to prevent further damage. It’s crucial to differentiate between the two to take care of yourself properly.

“What if I had heeded the surgeon’s words over 60 years ago when he said, ‘Roger, you may never be able to enjoy physical activities again’? Just think of all the incredible adventures and life-changing experiences I would have missed out on – all in exchange for a little discomfort.

The saying ‘No pain, no gain’ goes beyond physical pain; it signifies the need to work hard and endure some level of suffering to attain something truly valuable. This principle applies not only to physical pain but also to high achievements in work and sports – they seldom come without significant effort.

If I had given up on playing sports or working out at the first sign of discomfort, I would probably never have engaged in any physical activity or experienced the multitude of adventures that have enriched my life.”

  • Discomfort due to bad weather, probably means you haven’t got the right gear on.
  • Trekking, running or rowing: a good training program will thwart a plunge into discomfort.
  • Tolerance to good pain and discomfort is trainable.
  • Exposure to pain tends to increase your tolerance for pain and discomfort. 
  • Sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and pride – blunts your memory of discomfort.

Good Pain is muscle soreness due to a micro trauma in the muscle caused by rigorous exercise.  


  • It’s vital to ‘listen to your body’; it’s the best indicator between ‘good & bad pain’.
  • Pay attention and acknowledge to how you are ‘honestly’ feeling
  •  Know when to push on and when to back off.
  • If pain comes on all of a sudden; sometimes with crack, pop or feeling that something isn’t right.

*I always pushed myself and regularly step outside of my comfort zone; unless it started to feel wrong – ie. ‘Bad’ pain*! 

 My personal basic ‘identification’ of bad pain / chronic pain   >  Intense  :   Sharp  :  Stabbing  :  Deep   

For bad, acute and chronic pain the medical profession are there to help…

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