Essential Rope Knots,  Fishing

The Surgeon’s Knot

The Surgeon’s Join Knot is renowned for its simplicity and remarkable strength. It’s versatility and reliability have made trusted choice beyond its traditional use in surgery and fishing; to climbing, camping to boating, .

In fishing, it’s employed to join two lines of different diameters or materials together, (example: Braid to Mono), ensuring a strong and reliable connection; example – tippet to your leader.

In outdoor pursuits like climbing, hiking, and camping, it can be usefully employed to tie ropes together securely. Whether joining ropes for rappelling, setting up a makeshift shelter, or creating a makeshift rescue harness.

Tying Guide

Overlap the ends of the two lines you want to join.

Form a simple overhand knot by passing one end of the line through the loop created by the other end.

Pass the same end through the loop one more time, creating an additional wrap.

When fishing, using monofilament / fluorocarbon lines – Moisten the knot with your saliva or water

To ensure its full efficacy, it’s essential to tighten the knot by pulling on all four strands simultaneously, ensuring proper seating and security.

Trim off any excess line if necessary.

When tied correctly, the Surgeon’s Knot boasts near-perfect retention of line strength, often approaching 100%.  

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