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Colin and the Cow

In the orphanage there are plenty of chickens with chicks running around and two cows. The larger of the two cows is white and black with “horns”!

Fortunately I am not frightened of cows so when the big one decided to have a closer look at me to the amazement of staff and kids I patted its head.

What nobody bothered to tell me was this cow was aggressive and had a particular dislike of Mgenis’!

It was approaching to attack, as it tried to headbutt me (technically -gore me) and having no cape I grabbed both horns for self protection and hung on really tightly. I proceeded to get bounced around the field “Rodeo Style” much to the delight of all!

I was grateful when a couple of the locals including Colin Onyango stopped laughing long enough to intervened before either of us got hurt!!!

Interesting experience and not one I intended to repeat. Although, the way the beast eyes me I suspect an ambush was being planned.

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