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Nanny Goat for the Orphanage

To thank the orphanage, kids and staff a surprise gift

If I was asked what strikes me most here in rural Kenya, it is the real depth of poverty and pain.

Watching children devouring a meal as if it may be their last or until whenever, certainly highlights for me that those in poverty really do live their lives “a day at a time”; a mantra that addicts the world over recognize, and indeed has proved to be the best way for me too!

When lacking gratitude I reminded myself of heart wrenching sights at which I will never point my camera and hopefully never personally experience.

Over the last few weeks it was made apparent to me that the orphanages resident nanny goat was not well and not breeding.

To thank the orphanage, kids and staff a surprise gift was necessary.

So today, myself and Kioni walked to the local ‘farmers market’ where I bought an 18 months old Nanny Goat for the orphanage.

I proudly walked the Nanny Goat a few miles back to the orphanage on the end of a rope, as you do.

Unsurprisingly most of the locals we passed on route, greeted me and made comments, to Kioni in Swahili, followed by laughter; never got a straight answer as to what was said other than, ‘you have chosen a pretty goat’.

Importantly, my focus today is to take personal responsibility for my own actions and allow others to be responsible for theirs. Doing what I am doing today makes me a little “odd”; although if I were rich I would be referred to as eccentric.

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