How To's

Travel Health Preparations

Before each and every Adventure / Event

• Have a comprehensive medical and a dental examination well before departure date.
• Toothache or piles, even at home they are a nuisance but in the wilds it can be serious – and at the very least can spoil your experience.
• Carry a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses – you want to ‘see’ where you have been.
• Depending on your terrain / climate take sunglasses / goggles to protect your eyes
• Make sure your all vaccinations and immunizations are up to date, 6 weeks prior to travelling
• Practice sleeping whenever, where ever.
• If you’re a light sleeper and are going to be in ‘company’, bring ear plugs.

Trim your toenails; Lads, splash out on a pedicure if it makes you feel better: but a paint job is questionable!

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