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Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing is a form of rowing that takes place on the Sea; also on lakes, or large rivers, as opposed to traditional rowing which typically occurs on calm, inland waters like rivers and lakes.

Coastal rowing boats are designed to handle rougher conditions and waves, with features such as wider hulls, higher freeboards, and self-draining cockpits to ensure stability and safety in challenging environments.

Coastal rowing often involves longer distances and endurance-based racing, with races typically held along coastal routes or around islands. It offers rowers a unique and dynamic experience, requiring adaptability to changing conditions and a strong sense of navigation and seamanship.

Coastal rowing can be enjoyed both for fun and competitively, with clubs and events around the world dedicated to this exciting form of rowing.

My not so secret tips ‘Before’ Coastal Rowing or More!

  • Train in an open water boat as often as possible.
  • Rowing machine… priority is not speed or distance…its TIME
  • Weight training…Ocean rowing, you use your upper body far more
  • Cross-training machines…  Endurance and general fitness
  • Mental Toughness… Brain training and mental strength is the key

I strongly suggest enrolling in formal training RYA Courses – (Royal Yachting Assoc.)

  • First Aid at Sea
  • VHF Marine radio, GPS and Sat phone
  • Essential Seamanship and Navigation; including, celestial navigation and meteorology
  • Sea Survival 

Useful Practical Skills – best learnt on the Water.

  • Use of all marine instruments
  • Navigation skills
  • Service and repair of equipment; including the water maker
  • Personal Hygiene and personal care; sustain basic wellbeing
  • Remember food is fuel; your daily requirement – 8,000 calories
  • How to survive sea sickness and minor injuries.
  • The psychological impact, riding through rough weather and big seas can be enormous, take one stroke at a time!
  • Be at ease with life on board rowboat/small vessel, helps to reduce stress.
  • Each rower makes a 5-minute SAT call home every week- good therapy.
  • There’s no toilet, only a bucket – practice hovering

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