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Coastal Rowing

My not so secret tips ‘Before’ Coastal Rowing or More!

  • Train in an open water boat as often as possible.
  • Rowing machine… priority is not speed or distance…its TIME
  • Weight training…Ocean rowing, you use your upper body far more
  • Cross-training machines…  Endurance and general fitness
  • Mental Toughness… Brain training and mental strength is the key

I strongly suggest enrolling in formal training RYA Courses – (Royal Yachting Assoc.)

  • First Aid at Sea
  • VHF Marine radio, GPS and Sat phone
  • Essential Seamanship and Navigation; including, celestial navigation and meteorology
  • Sea Survival 

Useful Practical Skills – best learnt on the Water.

  • Use of all marine instruments
  • Navigation skills
  • Service and repair of equipment; including the water maker
  • Personal Hygiene and personal care; sustain basic wellbeing
  • Remember food is fuel; your daily requirement – 8,000 calories
  • How to survive sea sickness and minor injuries.
  • The psychological impact, riding through rough weather and big seas can be enormous, take one stroke at a time!
  • Be at ease with life on board rowboat/small vessel, helps to reduce stress.
  • Each rower makes a 5-minute SAT call home every week- good therapy.
  • There’s no toilet, only a bucket – practice hovering

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