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Education in Rural Africa

Education it is the driving force of economy and the essential preparation for adult life.

I am seeing, first hand, the struggles and sacrifices parents make in a genuine attempt to better the lives of their children through education here in rural Africa.

Once I was part of the same experience, disappointing my own parents in not taking the opportunity that I was given.

However, as parents we made sacrifices, educating my own daughter, Georgina; giving her the very best we could provide, as do a great numbers of parents/grandparents.

In the UK we have so much more…

Children being taken to and from school on a Beda Beda, a motorbike taxi
Children being taken to and from school on a Beda Beda, a motorbike taxi.

In Kenya they have far more challenges including share one book among 3 pupils, even in class 8 when taking important exams to go to secondary school. Failure usually means the end of education!

School starts at 8.30am and finishes at 4pm, but the pupils arrive much earlier and leave later, often experiencing 12hr days.

The reason for this is homework, the need to share the book and no electricity in their homes!

At one college I visited, there is the opportunity to take computer lessons with 1 teacher, 60 students and 10 computers!

Today I understand the value of education. I believe hope for our future lies in the hands of our children in the UK, Kenya and throughout the world.

Mama Sarah Obama, grandmother of USA President Barack Obama;

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