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Equator Water Trick: a Fascinating Phenomenon


I experienced the Equator water test; and confirm that I witnessed (with my own eyes, not theory) 10 ft north of the equator when you pull the plug the water goes clockwise and just 10ft south of the equator the water goes anti clockwise. The Coriolis effect makes water drain counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere but clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the Equator, no movement occurs, the water goes straight down the hole.

Well… not quite. The trick is ‘how’ you pour water in and the shape of the vessel, not the hemisphere you are in!!! The enterprising local’s first container of water was motionless before the plug was pulled, while the second one was poured in with momentum, which created the vortex.

The local street magician earned his 5$ and a Handshake from me.

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