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Rolling Hitch

The Rolling Hitch stands out as a remarkably versatile friction knot, skillfully employed to fasten a rope securely to a pole or post. It also excels in connecting one rope to another, offering the unique advantage of eliminating the necessity to access the ends of the rope for a seamless and efficient attachment.

Tying Guide

  1. Position the rope parallel to the object you want to hitch it to.
  2. Take the working end of the rope and wrap it around the object. Make a full turn around the object with the working end.
  3. Bring the working end over the standing part (the part of the rope that is not the working end).
  4. Make a second turn around the object with the working end, going in the same direction as the first wrap.
  5. Take the working end and pass it under both wraps created in steps 2 and 4. This creates a loop around the standing part.
  6. Pull the working end to tighten the hitch securely around the object. Ensure that the wraps are snug and the hitch is holding well.

The Rolling Hitch is particularly useful to relieve the strain off a fouled rope or hawser

As always, become comfortable with the steps and to ensure a secure knot.

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